Saturday, April 6, 2013

oh my

It has been too long! a new baby brings a new beginning, and lots of nursing - more time to write! to catch up, I've spent the last year plus writing songs mainly, and performing at C&Ps, a coffeeshop in West Seattle. In Feb. 2012 I did a 12 min. max show at On the Boards; and in May 2012, Flora McGill and I, aka the heartrocks, played at Folklife. It has been a little too quiet musically, so I've rented a rehearsal space to join the other noise-makers and be loud. When I go, it is awesome. Soooo, must go more, play more, perform more, yes. And I do sing all day with my 2, now 3, daughters - so that counts, right? and teaching piano lessons is music-making too, so life is full of music always, and I intend to do more intentional music-making of my own!